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Joeaux Robey

"Special Celebration & The Origin Story"

For most people in the Spiritual Personal Development industry, managing and planning doesn’t sound very interesting. For Joeaux, launching products, programs and businesses is a passion she’s been leaning into for more than 30 years. A decade ago, her plurk (play+work) landed her a Divine partnership in Adironnda & Company, with Marilyn Harper, where her focus has been awakening people to a bigger picture of life. With her launch of Soulopreneur, Joeaux inspires people and businesses in finding their purpose and launching their own magnificence. You could definitely say she’s “living her dream” and showing others how to do the same!

Combine creativity, business strategy, technology, and a passion for life, and you have Joeaux Robey. She serves as the Co-Producer, Co-Founder, and Co-Cosmic-Cheerleader at Adironnda & Company. As founder of Soulopreneur, and Master of Reinvention, Joeaux wears many hats. Her mission is to shift the consciousness of the planet by assisting people in sharing their gifts with the world, creating the abundance they deserve, and doing what they were born to do in this lifetime.She is a master communicator, professional technologist, marketing strategist, as well as a skillful artist and writer. Her impressive start-up and internet marketing background allows her to create content, produce and deliver material, develop a market, and grow a team, all while traveling the world interfacing with clients.

Norma Delaney, an energy facilitator in partnership with Spirit, helped Serena discover unconditional love for the first time. With Norma’s guidance, Serena-Faith learned to stop dissociating and care for herself mentally, physically, and spiritually by connecting to her authentic self. Serena-Faith discovered she didn’t need to remain a victim of her past – she had the power to choose. This enabled her to leave the trauma that had controlled her for most of her life. Her book, I Am Serena, chronicles her triumphant victory over her terrible past.